Neighbor Donates Money Found Throughout 2021 in Red Kettle

Dec 22, 2021

Joyce is an avid walker in the Chicago suburbs. Not only did she find some surprises on these walks, but she also found an inspiring way to Do the Most Good with what she found.

A Salvation Army staff member at our Oakbrook Terrace Corps Community Center recently discovered this story on a local social media platform, where Joyce posted:  

“Walking a lot during 2021 and found a lot of change and a few bills. Collected it all in a piggy bank with the idea of giving it to a Salvation Army.”

When the staff member wrote to thank Joyce, she received the rest of the story:

“Last year, my husband and I were reading the booklet Our Daily Bread and one day it was about being generous to those less fortunate. I walked to the Walgreens a block from my home and encountered a very exuberant, singing bell-ringing kettle attendant.


He was so jovial, and I was so inspired by his joyful attitude and remembered our reading that week that I went back home and collected change that I had saved for another reason. I added a $20 bill to the change and that man was beside himself with thankfulness. We talked for about 10 minutes about faith in God and he shared a little bit about his life.


That was the spark that started our quest to save up ALL the money we find and fill the kettle during the Christmas season. We chose a plastic piggy bank, and the joke is when we find a coin or bill, we say, “That's for the pig." Now, mind you, it isn't just me finding the money but my husband as well. He spots even more than I do, but together we save the money.


Last February while walking our granddog in La Grange, we found a one-dollar bill, then a nickel, and a couple of blocks later a $20 bill against the fence around the running track. I couldn't believe my eyes with that one. Immediately I felt the Lord was blessing us with that find and it could go nowhere BUT the pig despite how fun it would have been to keep for ourselves.


So that's the entire story. I felt compelled to post a photo and story on Next Door to share a good story during this Christmas season. Looks like I touched a lot of hearts with the number of likes and responses I see, including your kind words.


So, keep on doing the good work on your end and know that a friend in Christ is out there walking and collecting money for people in need. We are on the quest already to fill our pig for 2022! YOU are doing something much bigger and greater than us, but TOGETHER we can make a difference!”

Thank you, Joyce! And thank you to everyone who has donated to our Red Kettles this Christmas season. You are helping us ensure that Hope Marches On for our neighbors in need this holiday season . . . and throughout 2022!

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