Hundreds of everyday heroes to receive free donuts on National Donut Day

May 25, 2022

The Salvation Army’s upcoming National Donut Day celebration on Friday, June 3 affirms an important truth: There are incredible everyday heroes living all over the Twin Cities. 

During the past week, hundreds of volunteers have nominated hundreds of everyday heroes to receive a free box of donuts in honor of their service to our community. The volunteers will pick up the donuts from The Salvation Army on National Donut Day and personally deliver the goodies to all the heroes.  

Below are heartwarming examples of who these heroes are and what they do to serve others in the Twin Cities:

  • The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department. Their nominator wrote: “My husband has been the victim of 31 identity thefts and the sheriff’s department has been diligent in filing reports to help protect him. We are so appreciative.”
  • A young woman who fights against social and civil injustices, regularly partnering with the Minneapolis Police Department and Mayor’s Office. “She also helps other young people with their problems and schoolwork – and she delivers food to homeless people,” her nominator wrote. “She is the sweetest young person, with such a compassionate heart.” 
  • A St. Paul man who has spent more than a decade coordinating a softball league for men and women in recovery. “The league provides fellowship and support in a drug- and alcohol-free space,” his nominator wrote. “The number of teams has steadily increased during this man’s time as coordinator.”
  • A woman who takes her elderly neighbors shopping every week. “She also takes people to doctor appointments – including me when I broke my collarbone,” her nominator wrote. “She doesn’t think that what she does is that important, but she makes a positive difference in many people’s lives.” 
  • A middle school teacher in Plymouth who goes all out, all the time. “This teacher puts in extra effort every day … including coaching track, running the yearbook, leading peer leadership groups, and teaching full time,” her nominator wrote. “She always has a smile on her face and builds incredibly positive relationships with all the students.”

The Salvation Army thanks all of the volunteers and everyday heroes for helping us celebrate National Donut Day, along with Cub and Mall of America for supplying the donuts. 

“National Donut Day is an opportunity to show our appreciation to the many everyday heroes who work selflessly to help others – especially during the ongoing pandemic,” said Lt. Col. Dan Jennings, leader of The Salvation Army Northern Division. “We are grateful for all of our volunteers and everyday heroes for their role in making our community a better place during these uncertain times.”

Donut Day History

The Salvation Army started National Donut Day in 1938 to help people during the Great Depression and to commemorate the work of “Donut Girls” – female Salvation Army volunteers who served American soldiers battling on the frontlines of World War I. 

The Donut Girls made and served thousands of donuts a day for U.S. troops, often using empty wine bottles as rolling pins, and tin cans as cutters. In addition to frying donuts, the women prayed with the soldiers, helped them write letters, mended their clothes, and more. 

The Donut Girls quickly became a symbol of hope and comfort for their efforts to ease the hardship of war-torn American troops fighting in France. Today, the donut serves as a symbol of the comfort that The Salvation Army provides to those in need. 

Are you Down for the Challenge? You can support The Salvation Army’s efforts to fight homelessness by donating to or participating in our Down for the Challenge urban rappelling event with the Minnesota Vikings. This once-in-a-lifetime event takes place July 29–30 at the Omni Viking Lakes Hotel during Vikings training camp.

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