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Breaking Chains

Providing compassion to help those struggling with addiction or repeat incarceration.

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Our rehabilitation programs offer compassion to help people break free from chains – whether those of addiction or repeat incarceration – to find a new life path and reclaim lost hope. We offer a starting point on the path to freedom with counseling, patience, prayer and a limitless supply of God’s love.

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I’m a new man. There is nothing I could have done to create these good things that are happening. They are happening because of God.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Male and 21-years of age or older
  • Willing to admit the need for rehabilitation to overcome his problems
  • In good physical health and willing to participate in the entire program, including work therapy
  • Willing to commit to a six month (26 week) period of rehabilitation
  • Free of intoxicating drugs, including alcohol, upon admission and expressing a desire to rebuild a lifestyle free of chemical dependency
  • Willing to submit to random drug tests
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