Holiday Support for Family Services

Nov 19, 2020

The local families & individuals who turn towards our mission here in our communities are met by The Salvation Army's life changing programs/services which have helped Peoria for decades.

Meeting those in need with this direct approach has always been made possible through the local support our mission sees from people like you!

The Family Services Center is a cornerstone for how The Salvation Army directly serves those in need like the Rhodes family and Haynes family. The services/programs that the Family Center connects each person with is how many discover just how much The Salvation Army mission has to offer. Hearing the impact first-hand from those who have experienced this life changing support is just a glimpse into what Peoria's local neighbors in need have available to them; and it is all thanks to your continued support!

This Holiday Season, the need is greater but so is the impact of your donation. Join The Salvation Army as we come together with Peoria during distanced times to close the gap between each other, with Love & Hope.

Our mission is to #RescueChristmas for all those in need locally. To do this, we need everyone to give their support so that future families in need, like the Rhodes or Haynes, will continue to have The Salvation Army waiting to help them.


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