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As long as there's The Salvation Army, <br />there's no such thing as 'no place to go.'

The Salvation Army Brings Families Back to Light & Love

We offer programs and services that are targeted towards all local families in need. Together we can restore hope.

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Every Family Faces Difficult Times

With The Salvation Army, These Are Never Faced Alone. We Work To Identify the Root Causes of Problems & Restore Hope to Families Feeling Hopeless.

The Programs We Offer For All Local Families In Need:

Family Shelter

We offer emergency shelter for up to 40 people at our Family Services Center on 417 NE Adams St. Here we not only provide temporary housing for women, children & intact families but we also case workers who help break the cycle of dependency by finding affordable permanent housing. This can include things like nutrition, budgeting, and other self-help programs geared towards regaining self-sufficiency.

The Sylvia Fites Family Services Center

Located at414 NE Jefferson St.The Fites Center is home to our 'Lunch With Love' program which is a free meal offered Mondays through Friday at noon to all who are in need of a warm nutrious meal. We are proud to serve over 200 meals every day. Additionally, this is the home to our Safety Net Program which offers overnight shelter for men facing homelessness. Here, they are given a safe enviroment to stay, sacked lunch & case management to begin working towards addressing any needs that are preventing them from stable housing.

For More Information Please Call (309) 655-7272 or Contact Us Online

Families in Pain Can Be Healed. Together We Can Continue To Bring Hope.


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Our Family Services Are More Than Our Facilities:

Pathway of Hope

This initiative provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action and work towards breaking the cycle of poverty and vulnerability. Our Pathway of Hope case workers aim to address the root causes of poverty in order to meet a families greatest needs compassionately, with love and understanding. By helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can lead families down a path toward increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.
See Pathway of Hope In Action.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

The Salvation Army has a long and storied history of serving our military, veterans and their families. Our SSVF program aims to provide a housing stability-focused & delivery program for very low-income veteran families throughout Central Illinois. This program serves veteran families that are homeless or imminently at-risk of being homeless. The goal is to stabilize these families in housing, while providing on-going support as needed to sustain independent living.
For More Information Click Here.

Summer Camps

For many kids, summer camp is the first time they will see the world outside of their neighborhood. Each year, we enable thousands of children from low-income families to enjoy fresh air, exercise and new friendships through our annual summer camp programs. This camping experience is more than just a few days away from home. Here, children learn new skills and self-reliance. Trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them mature and grow. Camp Activities include learning to swim, scouting, arts and crafts, music development, and sports.

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All over the country, children are fending for themselves.

In communities today, 11.3 million children take care of themselves after the school day ends.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you provide funding for programs that help support safe family centers. Donate now.


Parents benefit from after-school programs, too.

Parents with children in afterschool programs are less stressed, have fewer unscheduled absences and are more productive at work.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you provide funding for programs that help support safe family centers. Donate now.


Gang membership increases a teen's chance of death.

A gang member is 60 times more likely to experience death by homicide than the general population.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you provide funding for programs that help support safe family centers. Donate now.


Give now. Change lives forever.


The Salvation Army gives kids and families a chance at life.

Watch how The Salvation Army lets kids experience summer camp for the first time.

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