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Adults in need make up the biggest group we serve Image

Adults in need make up the biggest group we serve

Through programs designed to address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages.

Serving homeless adults 

The Salvation Army of Polk County has many programs designed to serve our most vulnerable adults.  With an increase in demand for services coming from our homeless seniors, homeless veterans and homeless individuals with disabilities (either mental or physical), the need to expand change and expand our programs is here.  Learn more about how we are serving these important adults in our community.

How we help partner with adults

The Salvation Army in Polk County is serving homeless adults in many ways.

The Salvation Army - Family House Shelter


This program will serve single individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. Program participants will regain their lives by focusing on three components:  dignified shelter, permanent homes, and dedicated self-sufficiency services that create pathways to opportunities.

The shelter was an old nursing home that has been renovated. Its design allows for each family to have their own room and each individual to have either their own room or a shared room depending on availability. The shelter can house up to 24 individuals at any given time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During their stay, each person or family will be paired with a case manager who regularly works to set goals that will help regain independence and find permanent housing. 


Our partner shelter, Grace Place, located in New Richmond is available after hours at 715-246-1222.  

SOAR - SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery 

Serenity Home Shelters has paid staff who work full time to help homeless, disabled individuals apply for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Many homeless individuals who are disabled do not have the resources they need to get help for their disability.  Having the disability in turn makes it impossible to work to gather the resources they would need.  Staff are able to provide this important resource to individuals and have a very strong record of successful applications for our most vulnerable populations.  While working on Social Security Applications, residents can move forward in housing and are provided case management throughout the process.

To learn more about SOAR through Serenity Home - Contact Lynn Engelbrecht at 715-246-1222

Homeless Veterans

Over the past few years, Serenity Home has seen an increase in the number of homeless veterans without the resources they need including shelter.  When a homeless veteran stays at Serenity Home, our Case Managers work directly with County Veterans Services officers to connect our honored men and women with the resources they have earned.  Partnerships with our local VFW's, American Legions, and other Veteran Programs are essential to ensuring our Veterans are cared for in the most effective and best possible way.