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Help and Stability Can Be Found

Our mental health programs offer treatment, counseling
and support services for those who need help.

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Mental Health Services 

Nationally, nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States suffer from mental illness.

Yet many struggle silently due to the stigmatization and shame surrounding it. Mental illness often goes hand in hand with other challenges, such as job loss, homelessness and addiction. Even seemingly ordinary tasks like paying bills, getting ready for work or housekeeping can be overwhelming for someone with mental illness.


A Chance to Heal

After years of struggling with depression, anxiety and ADHD, Curtis was forced to take a leave of absence from work. Medical staff at a local psychiatric facility recommended he transfer to the Mental Health Respite program at Renaissance Village. "This program has been a godsend," said Curtis. "It's given me the opportunity to concentrate solely on my mental health, which has been a huge weight off my shoulders."

How We Support Mental Health

We offer a variety of programs specifically suited to particular mental health needs and circumstances. All programs operate at Heritage Place at Renaissance Village.

Community Counseling Center
The Community Counseling Center offers free, trauma-informed individual and group therapy to those who are often overlooked for treatment in the metro area. We serve those who uninsured, homeless or have very low incomes and who are also enrolled in another Salvation Army program.

Mental Health Respite (MHR)
MHR specializes in supporting men and women age 19 and older who are currently under psychiatric care and need assistance stabilizing in the community after a psychiatric crisis. Residential care is provided for up to 28 days.

Community Support Mental Health (CSMH)
The CSMH program provides assistance to people who are 19 years and older, have a severe and persistent mental illness and are in need of supportive services.

Emergency Community Support (ECS)
ECS is a 90-day program that serves individuals who are 19 years and older and have experienced a behavioral health crisis. The goal of treatment is to achieve stabilization, increased independence and community integration.

Intensive Community Support (ICS)
ICS is a 6-12 month program offering assistance to people age 19 and older who have severe and persistent mental illness and need daily support services. Treatment focuses on successfully developing skills in order to maintain adequate housing and increased mental health stability along with independent living skills.

Post-crisis Response (PCR)
PCR provides community support services for up to 90 days for men, women and children who have recently experienced a mental health crisis that resulted in law enforcement intervention. The program assists participants with stabilization, increased independence and community integration.

Other Ways We Meet Needs