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Stopping Trafficking in Its Tracks

Stopping Trafficking
in Its Tracks

We fight all forms of trafficking and exploitation by helping
survivors escape from their dangerous situations
and build empowered lives.

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More than 900 women and men are on sale for commercial sex each month in Nebraska.

All 50 states have reported incidences of trafficking, but Nebraska especially sees higher instances of trafficking due to interstate highways and high-profile events.

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Human trafficking is the exploitation of a person for compelled labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud or coercion.

While there may be noticeable increases in human trafficking during high-profile events, the reality is that human trafficking is happening every day in communities across Nebraska and affects all races, genders and ages. It is a major criminal industry driven by a demand for cheap labor, services or commercial sex.

Trafficking is covert in nature, and survivors of trafficking may not self-identify. Education and training on how to recognize human trafficking in our communities, as well as conscientious actions we can take to end the demand for cheap labor, services or commercial sex, is essential in the fight to end trafficking.

The Salvation Army of Omaha fights trafficking through:

Anti-human Trafficking

Via its corps leaders, The Salvation Army works to support individuals who have or are experiencing human trafficking. Our vision is to see survivors of human trafficking supported in accessing services that support their safety, wellbeing and self-sufficiency. We do this by providing individualized case management support to those experiencing human trafficking; facilitating and assisting in referrals to community services and collaborating with local, regional and statewide partners to strengthen survivor access to culturally appropriate services.

Our anti-human trafficking program focuses on supporting survivors of human trafficking in accessing community resources. Resources include, but are not limited to, emergency or long-term housing options, emotional support, food, clothing, education, employment assistance, counseling, health care, immigration support, drug and alcohol treatment, child care, transportation, legal assistance and support with setting personal goals.


Wellspring serves adults who are currently involved in or have a history of sex trafficking, prostitution, exotic dancing or survival sex. Individuals of any gender identity or sexual orientation who wish to make changes in their lives will find counseling through this program. Learn more.

The Salvation Army supports and serves members of the LGBTQIA+ community without discrimination. Learn more.

You can fight for justice and help trafficking survivors.

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Human trafficking takes place every day in the Omaha metro.

Your donation to The Salvation Army helps men, women and children escape trafficking and begin to rebuild their lives.

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Human trafficking is largely a hidden problem, but it's happening right in your own community.

Your donation to The Salvation Army helps give survivors of human trafficking a way out of a dangerous situation and a fresh start at a better life.

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Survivors of human trafficking often also suffer from homelessness, job loss, addiction and other challenges.

Your donation to The Salvation Army will help provide survivors with the resources they need to get back on their feet again and live productive, fulfilling lives.

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