Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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We love because God loved us first Image

We love because God loved us first

The Salvation Army provides spiritual services to anyone God brings across our path.


The Salvation Army has been in this community for 130 years yet has just scratched the surface of the depth of need in this community.  Gods love is needed for all people, whether rich or poor we hope to inspire those battling addiction or losing their faith as the community has suffered loss of industry and commerce, The true spiritual needs of the community can not be summed up in a paragraph, they are as complex as they are diverse.                                       Our purpose is to love without judgment, spread the True Word of God and imitate His heart.

The city of Richmond  hosts approximately 37,000 people. and is just under 25 square miles.  The population is congested in the downtown area as well as along the farming community and  main highways.  Many people have lived in Richmond for generations and the religious community is made up of Quakers, as well as Baptist, Catholic,  Presbyterians and Lutheran ministries.  The Salvation Army is located at the heart of downtown Richmond just a few short blocks from the revived Richmond Downtown Historic District.  Also notable was the fact that Hoagy Carmichael recorded "Stardust" for the first time in Richmond at the Gennett recording studio. Famed trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong was first recorded at Gennett as a member of King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band. The culture is diverse as the  community it hosts. 

My Pathway to Hope

Meet John, his story may be common, but his resolve is commendable. He has become a partner in the Pathway of Hope Program founded by The Salvation Army. He is actively working toward self stabilization and enriching our community by his resolve to be a better person adding to the citizenry of our city.

How we help share God's love

Sharing Gods love means introducing people to his Son, Jesus!

Worship & Witness

Cafe Conversations- Each Sunday we begin with Coffee/Tea and Fresk Bakery items to fellowship before small group sessions.

Sunday Life Skills Sessions:  We host a dynamic Small Group session every Sunday Morning to familiarize our congregants to the teachings of Christ and have practical application through discussion and exploring the Word of God.


We gather together in the chapel to bring our worship into focus and teach life lessons and practical application to Gods decrees.  The scripture is expounded upon as we lead others into a fresher faith experience.

Precept Bible Study
The Precept Bible study method developed by Kay Arthur is taught by Major Cynthia Brockway, a Precept Level One teacher.  The Word is studied line upon line to show us the intent of the Gospels, where Gods love is elaborated upon over and over.

Outreach Ministry

Every aspect of what we do from Social Service to employment to Community Outreach is orchestrated by persons and individuals who profess Gods Love amongst those we serve. Our Outreach Coordinator is a retired school teacher and had spent years co-laboring with her husband as he pastored a church.  Our Administrative assistant is a retired professional who came back into part time employment because of her love for the ministry and people. Our maintenance man even shares scripture and his faith with those he meets within our walls.