A Story of Compassion, Support, and Hope

Mar 25, 2024

A Story of Compassion, Support, and Hope: The Salvation Army and FedEx

In times of crisis, when communities are grappling with the aftermath of disasters, The Salvation Army consistently stands at the forefront, offering essential services such as food, water, and spiritual support to survivors and first responders. At the heart of the rapid and effective response are canteens, mobile feeding units, which not only serve as distribution facilities but also act as vital hubs for volunteers and service personnel to find the necessary provisions to sustain recovery efforts.

For the past eighteen years, a powerful partnership has been forged with FedEx's charitable giving program, FedEx Cares. This collaboration has played a pivotal role in fortifying disaster response capabilities and extending a helping hand to community outreach programs. Over the course of the partnership, FedEx has supported the services of The Salvation Army by assisting with charitable shipping  and providing 23 co-branded canteens to locations both within the United States and internationally.

While the canteens play an important role in disaster response, their impact extends beyond emergencies. Many nights canteens canvass locations around cities providing food to the homeless and food-insecure individuals. Beyond physical sustenance, canteens can be used as an instrument to spread joy and hope. During the 2023 holiday season, eight canteens were used to serve food, snacks, hot cocoa, and coffee at holiday events; serving to uplift spirits during what can be a challenging time for many. In addition, some of the events took a greater heartwarming dimension as more than 12,720 toys were distributed to children in need, spreading cheer in the face of adversity. 

Charitable shipping helps cover costs to provide necessary equipment, food, and supplies to individuals and families assisted by The Salvation Army. For example, the charitable shipping donation will make it possible for more than 300 beds to be shipped to Lahaina, Hawaii, ensuring children who lost everything in the devastating fires don’t go without a place to lay their head at night.  

The ongoing collaboration between The Salvation Army and FedEx reflects a shared dedication to serving communities in times of crisis. These joint efforts not only address the immediate needs of communities in crisis but create lasting impacts, fostering resilience and recovery. Hand-in-hand, The Salvation Army and FedEx continue to write a story of compassion, support, and hope for those in need.

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