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Mar 30, 2022

Are you needing assistance with paying a utility bill?

Have you fell behind on rent and need some extra help?

Could your family benefit from our pantry services?


Answering YES to any of these questions could qualify you/and or, your family to receive assistance from The Salvation Army. Life can be full of challenging situations. We are here to assists people through these situations. Our goal is to help by providing emergency assistance, as well permit clients to be self-sufficient.

Here is how it works: We serve clients at the 150% poverty level and below. One way to see if you qualify for assistance is know how much you earn per month and then check the federal poverty levels at the link provided. Poverty Guidelines – Annual/Monthly


We assist with rent and utilities, or a combination of both one time per year for each individual or family. Involving food and hygiene, we provide this all-year-round. 

To access our application, visit this LINK - Application 


NOTE: Some services require a letter from your local trustee. Apply for approval  or denial. ( If trustee's office approve helping with any amount, we need this documentation. If trustee office denies assistance, we need the denial letter) Contact for Trustee offices can be found at the LINK BELOW - Resources


Once registered – you may qualify for our pantries.

Call 812-235-0436 between 9:00-11:30am on Thursday to participate in our Food/Hygiene Pantry. 



  • Please allow 4-5 business days for processing information. You will be contacted by The Salvation Army for updates regarding your file.


Case Worker -





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