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Who We Are

We empower people to overcome addictions and reconnect with life.

Our Mission

We empower people to overcome addictions and reconnect with life.

Our Approach

Our approach to treatment utilizes an integrative method consisting of evidence-based practices to treat each patient  in a holistic manner. We focus on the individuality of every patient and design the treatment experience around an individual’s needs. It is our first priority to provide a warm, welcoming environment that promotes safety and healing. Our goal is to empower people to overcome addictions and reconnect with life by providing consumer driven and integrated care focused on safety, trust, compassion and self-determination while promoting wellness and offering support that is consistent with the principles and practices of Trauma Informed Care.

It is our objective for patients who seek services through The Salvation Army’s Turning Point Programs to leave with a healthier sense of self. We utilize holistic counseling approaches to treat mind, body, spirit and health. Our hope is to aide each individual in replacing unhealthy patterns and behaviors by developing new coping skills. We encourage patients to reconnect with the community and focus on building strengths. By treating both substance abuse and mental health issues, we hope to improve the quality of life for our consumers.

Our Services

The Joint Commission accredited Turning Point Programs provide services for individuals in need of a medically managed detoxification process.  Those served often present with a complicated mix of psychosocial stressors, multiple substance use or dependency issues, histories of trauma, challenging personalities and mental health problems.

Activity and educational services in the detoxification unit are tailored to accommodate the person served, their physical and psychological limitations and their short length of stay which averages 3-5 days.  Since the detoxification services are short-term and crisis oriented; they are designed to provide educational and general rehabilitation needs.  The overall goal is to orient the person served to the disease of substance use disorders, to the recovery process, to build peer support and to provide positive and health-oriented individual and group experiences.

The primary goal of this combined activity/educational agenda is to orient the person being served to the condition of substance use disorders while providing basic knowledge of the main dynamics of the disease of addiction and key aspects of the recovery process.  Detoxification services address social, cultural, physical, and short-term health maintenance and rehabilitation needs. This is facilitated though educational group sessions.

Further, leisure time is given so individuals may engage in meaningful personal and recreational activities on their own.

We are qualified to handle most psychiatric admissions that have been stabilized medically. We routinely treat persons served who have co-occurring substance use disorders and mental illnesses.


Values Statement

WHAT YOU SEE .................... WHAT WE SEE

Ashamed  ....................  Accountable

Difficult  ....................  Deserving

Worthless  ....................  Worthy

Loser  ....................  Leader

An Addict  ....................  Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Friend

What we see in you ... you will soon begin to see in yourself!

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