Three untapped sections at Salvation Army Stores

Aug 13, 2019

Written by Emma Roos, Social Media Manager, Salvation Army Northern Division

I’m a browser. For me, thrifting is easiest when I move slowly from section to section. I’m always on the hunt for unique clothing, one-of-a-kind household items and – occasionally – items that I refuse to purchase brand-new. Each time I’m in a Salvation Army Store, the three sections below are the ones that stand out. I look through them every chance I get because they have produced some of my best finds. Are you ready to expand your thrifting horizons?

1. Glassware and Kitchen Items

I find this store section particularly helpful, as these are normally the items for which I don’t want to pay full retail price. Whether you’re looking for a small appliance, a mug, a whole set of dishes, or any other cookware, you can usually find what you're looking for. Before you go buying any of these items brand-new, consider scouring the shelves of your local Salvation Army Store. 

2. Holiday Décor

I love Christmas! I think that's because I work for The Salvation Army, and Christmas is our most visible and fun time of the year. And for as much as I like to be festive and celebrate the holidays, the truth is that decorating can become expensive. Luckily, Salvation Army Stores carry Christmas ornaments, signs, wreaths, tableware, and so much more. The holidays will be arriving soon, so start searching now.

3. Obscure Clothing Sections

Have you ever walked through the sleepwear section? Athleisure? Women, have you ever strolled through the Men’s section? There are tons of hidden gems in these sections! Next time you’re shopping, make time to browse these sections and any others that you’ve never been through. Each Salvation Army Store has a variety of unique clothing to offer and you don't want to pass them by.

Now that you’ve gone through all of these sections, don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the store. Walk down each aisle, looking up and down for items that fit your interests. From records to jewelry to musical instruments, you can truly find anything.

National Thrift Shop Day is this Saturday, August 17. Be sure to shop a Salvation Army Store. Find a store near you

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