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Volunteer in the Twin Cities

Help The Salvation Army create change and provide hope throughout your community.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Twin Cities Salvation Army! Here you will find information about applying to be a volunteer. Whether you are looking for a one-time opportunity or something ongoing, read on to learn how you can sign up and do the most good in your community. If you have any questions about volunteering, you may apply online or call 651-746-3426 at any time.

COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

On-site Volunteer Opportunities

Our food shelves are seeing increased need from the community due to COVID-19. Volunteers are needed to help assemble boxes filled with food and basic necessities for those in need. Staff will then distribute the boxes to incoming clients.

To learn more information about this opportunity and apply to volunteer, please click here.

Our team serves communities across Minnesota and North Dakota, with local response units based in many cities including the Twin Cities and Fargo. See how our national disaster relief team also responds to disasters all over the world. As our need for volunteers increase throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we are looking for volunteers to join our Emergency Disaster Services team to help in a variety of ways throughout Minnesota/North Dakota.

To learn more information about this opportunity and apply to volunteer, please click here.

Individual Ongoing Opportunities

These opportunities are for those who desire to serve on a regular basis. You'll get to know us and the people in our programs, and we'll know you on a first name basis. We have the most opportunities to offer to this group. 

The first step to becoming an ongoing volunteer is to complete a volunteer application or call our Volunteer Relations team at 651-746-3426. After a brief one-on-one chat where we'll learn about your goals and answer any questions you have about potential opportunities, we'll make a recommendation to you and help you get started.

Some of these opportunities require a background check or special training for things like serving after disasters or working with a vulnerable population. We've noted any special requirements below.

Basic Needs / Housing Programs

Help stock our food shelves with donated goods, assemble boxes, and make other preparations for food distribution to the public. Volunteers will also guide program participants through the food shelf and help them select items they need.

Locations: (Minneapolis) Central Ave. Salvation Army, North Lyndale Ave. Salvation Army, East Lake Street Salvation Army, and downtown Minnaepolis Center City Office; (St. Paul) East Payne Ave. Salvation Army and 7th Street West Salvation Army; Maplewood Salvation Army

Minimum commitment: Weekly for three-six months

Special requirements: Must be able to lift a box of food (about 10 lbs.). Background check and Safe from Harm training.

Working with Youth

Use our Bible-based curriculum to lead children (divided into age groups) to earn badges that represent spiritual and personal growth in our Wednesday night programming.

Minimum commitment: Six months

Special requirements: Background check and Safe from Harm training.

Encourage a sage space for children to learn new skills and gain confidnece through tutoring and homework help at our weekday after-school program.

  • Minneapolis, Central Ave. Salvation Army
  • St. Paul, 7th St. West Salvation Army
  • St. Paul, East Payne Ave. Salvation Army

Minimum commitment: One semester

Special requirements: Background check and Safe from Harm training

Adult Care / Rehabilitation / Counseling Programs

Become trained to serve as mentors to those recently released from prisons through The Salvation Army's Correctional Services Department. This is a ministry leadership role.

Minimum commitment: One year

Special requirements: Background check and Safe from Harm training

Disaster Relief

Provide critical services to ensure survivors have the support needed to rebuild their lives after tornadoes, floods, fires and other disasters. Our Twin Cities-based response unit travels across Minnesota, North Dakota, and even the country to serve. How to become a disaster volunteer.

Minimum commitment: Flexible

Special requirements: Four required training courses and a background check

Salvation Army Stores

Assist in different roles such as sorting donations, organizing floor space, and cashiering. If interested, please call the store directly to get involved.

Minimum commitment: Flexible

Special requirements: Must be able to lift a box of donations (about 20 lbs.)

Professional / Technical Skills

Assist staff with daily housekeeping and laundry needs at Harbor Light Shelter.

Minimum commitment: Flexible

Special requirements: Background check and Safe from Harm training.

Drive adults with specialized needs to off-site activities such as museums, restaurants, or shopping, or perform supply runs for Salvation Army operational needs.

Minimum commitment: Six months

Special requirements: Valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Assist with maintenance of our facilities across the metro.

Minimum commitment: Three months

Special requirements: Ability to perform basic repairs

Assist with office work such as data entry, filing, or mailing.

Minimum commitment: Weekly or biweekly for three months

Special requirements: Background check and Safe from Harm training

Lend professional skills in your area of expertise, other unique skills, or help us bring an out-of-the-box idea to life at one of our locations.

Minimum commitment: Will vary based on skills/idea proposed

Special requirements: Customized per opportunity


Help us maintain a welcoming outdoor space at our service centers through mowing, gardening, weeding, etc.

Minimum commitment: Flexible

Special requirements: Background check and ability to perform manual labor

Take the first steps by calling our volunteer relations coordinator, Sophie, at 651-746-3426.

Northwoods Camp

Group Opportunities

Whether you are organizing a group from your business, church, or civic organization, we have opportunities your-round that can easily accommodate your desire to do something good together. Most of our group opportunities are project-based or part of an event, and designed for groups of five or more. Maximum group numbers vary by opportunity. 

Group opportunities are a great way for individuals who are new to volunteering to get their feet wet. Groups of experienced volunteers may enjoy getting creative and lend their skills in a new way. Either way, group opportunities can be a great way to have a big impact in a short burst of time.

The first step to scheduling a group opportunity is for the group contact to complete a volunteer application. This will provide us with the details needed to guide your team to the perfect opportunity.

Examples of Year-Round Group Opportunities

  • Donation Sorting
  • Landscaping/Gardening/Lawn Care
  • Office Cleaning/Organizing
  • Painting
  • Special Programming/Entertainment
  • Food Distributions