Disasters / Emergencies

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Salvation Army Provides Emotional, Spiritual Care Following Milwaukee Shooting
February 27, 2020
Chaplains with The Salvation Army of Milwaukee County are providing emotional and spiritual care to the first responders and Molson Coors workers.
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How Linda Budner Learned It’s Never Too Late to Make a Difference
November 6, 2019
Despite her age and health limitations, our Emergency Disaster Services Volunteer of the Year thought, Why not now?
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Why Major Dalberg Is a Good Person to Know on a Bad Day
October 22, 2019
In running the Chicago Metropolitan Division's Emergency Disaster Services, he provides relief for individuals and first responders when disaster strikes.
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The Five Values at the Heart of Everything We Do
May 10, 2019
As we celebrate National Salvation Army Week, a look at how we began and what drives us still today.
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