The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of October 26

Oct 23, 2020

“But now, listen to me, Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen one. The Lord who made you and helps you says: Do not be afraid, O Jacob, my servant, O dear Israel, my chosen one. For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessings on your children. They will thrive like watered grass, like willows on a riverbank.” (Isaiah 44:1-4)

It’s interesting that these words – a promise so full of comfort and hope – come immediately on the heels of God’s angry, disappointed words in the preceding verses. This is often how the Book of Isaiah seems to work: God expresses His anger and disappointment with His wandering, wayward children and chastises them for their idolatry and selfishness. And then He turns around and immediately offers forgiveness, hope and love.

Sound familiar? If you’ve parented a child, you know that raising children is more than all fun and games; it also includes the hard work of discipline and redirection. A good parent lets a child know when he has made a mistake or hurt someone, points that child toward the right path and then offers forgiveness, comfort and love.

We experience a similar dynamic with God. Our Father redirects us; He asks us to repent of our sins; He teaches us some difficult lessons about obedience, but like a loving parent, He always has our best interests in mind. Our heavenly Father will never withhold His blessing or His love from us. The One who made us will provide everything we need in order to thrive.    

Lord, I see so much of myself in the Israelites. Like them, I am stubborn, prone to wandering and tempted by idolatry. I’m grateful for Your patience with me and for lovingly parenting me as Your beloved child. Amen.

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