Share the Season assists military family

Dec 26, 2021 | by By Patricia Flower, TSA

Originally published in Wichita Eagle for Share The Season, 12/26/21

Frank was a resourceful, former military man. Having successfully completed many years of service protecting our country, returning to duty was always an option. In November 2020, he had been working in a civilian capacity and was laid-off during the COVID-19 shutdown. He immediately secured another position with a different company and was able to continue providing for his family. Almost a year later, Frank was again laid-off from his civilian position. Intending to re-enlist with the military, he inquired about open positions and waited for a response from the recruiter.

Luckily, in late 2021, he received a response from the government. They sent military orders that would immediately deploy him outside of the United States. Knowing he had secured a steady income, he was once again relieved, even though it meant he would not be spending Christmas with his wife and daughter stateside. Worryingly, the time off had put them in financial jeopardy. Aside from other bills and family necessities, his November rent was overdue, and another rental payment would be due on December 1st. The family’s coffers had run out of funds, and he would not receive his first paycheck from his military service until mid-December, placing his family in danger of eviction.

Threatened with the potential loss of shelter for his wife and daughter while he was deployed overseas, Frank didn’t waste any time. In early November, he and his wife sought financial assistance. They were referred to The Salvation Army. Charlotte, Frank’s wife, came to the Wichita City Command building located in the downtown area. She filled out an application for the Share the Season program, went home and waited.

After reviewing her submission, a caseworker called Charlotte and requested the necessary documentation to complete the application. Charlotte quickly complied. She brought in the required paperwork and met with a caseworker. It was determined the family qualified for assistance. The Salvation Army’s Share the Season program helped Charlotte and Frank pay their rent, effectively addressing and neutralizing Frank’s dreadful fear of homelessness. Now he would be able to leave his family stateside with peace of mind, knowing they would have shelter while he served to protect the rest of us.

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