Single Mother of Three Survives COVID, Job Loss

Dec 5, 2021 | by By Patricia Flower, TSA

Originally published in the Wichita Eagle, 12/5/21

Delores is a single mother of three. As a server in Wichita’s food industry, she works hard to make ends meet. In September of this year Delores and all three of her children caught Covid-19. It took a month for everyone to recover. Unfortunately, her employer doesn’t provide benefits like sick-pay or family medical leave. Without benefits, she was short an entire months’ wages.

To make matters worse, when Delores returned to her job, she was informed that a portion of her regularly scheduled hours had been taken away and given to other staff members. Realizing she was headed for financial disaster she began searching for another job. But the damage had already been done. She was behind on rent and had a past due balance on her utility bill. She had a utility payment plan, but with the loss of income she was unable to make the payment. She needed help, as soon as possible.

Delores heard there was a program offered through The Salvation Army that might be able to assist her. Quickly, she filled out a Share the Season application online. On her application she explained the desperation of her situation. She wrote, “your help could prevent me and my children from becoming homeless,” losing necessary utility service, and “I could also buy more food.”

Her Salvation Army caseworker went right to work. Through Share the Season funding, the caseworker was able to pay Delores’ past due rent and utility balances. Now Delores doesn’t have to worry; Her children will not be homeless, her utilities are caught up, and the children have the food they need.

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