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We fight poverty with love Image

We fight poverty with love

By providing programs that serve the body, mind and soul, The Salvation Army helps alleviate the symptoms of poverty - and works to address the root issues that cause it.

We're Here to Help

Poverty is often the result of, and catalyst for, chronic struggles with hunger, addiction, housing insecurity, mental illness, unemployment, educational voids, and various forms of abuse. These interconnected issues continue year after year and generation after generation. That's why we work to meet the needs of the whole person through short- and long-term assistance.

Through programs that serve the body, mind and soul, we alleviate the symptoms of poverty, then work to address the root issues that cause it. This holistic approach helps create sustainable change in millions of lives, every single day.  All of this is done to glorify God and share His message of redeeming love in Jesus.

The Salvation Army of Elkhart, LaGrange & Steuben Counties works together with community organizations and services to meet the material and spiritual needs of individuals and families. Our goal is to provide supportive assistance to people facing crisis situations and share the message of God's redeeming love. Services is given without regard to race, sex, age or religion.

Programs and Services

The Salvation Army of Elkhart offers a variety of programs and services to serve those in need within our service area.  Some of our main ministries are listed below, but we encourage any person in need to contact our office by calling (574) 970-0088 to discuss their current needs.  Oftentimes our staff is able to find solutions to challenges that may not be within our normal services.  Also, note that the below descriptions are intended to offer a general explanation of our services and the full list of guidelines will be shared by contacting our office.


Youth Programs

The Salvation Army invites all youth, ages pre-K to 12th grade, to join us on Tuesdays & Thursday's for our Character Building programs.  We serve a hot meal to all our kids and then learn about how we can love God and others in our life.  We offer rides for these programs.  Check out the Empowering Youth page to learn more.  


Spiritual Counseling

The Salvation Army makes Christian spiritual counseling available to any person needing support.  All families assisted with services are given the voluntary opportunity to speak with a Salvation Army Officer (Minister) when being served with assistance.  Participation in any spiritual program of The Salvation Army is always voluntary and has no impact on the services offered to a person in need.


Emergency Rental Assistance

Our rental assistance program is a service to assist working households to pay their rent/mortgage following an unforeseen crisis.  This program requires at least one adult in the household to be working and be able to show the recent impact of a personal/financial crisis which had made paying their rent/mortgage a difficulty.  Families looking for help with rental assistance should contact our office to discuss all the guidelines for receiving help from this program.


Emergency Utility Assistance

Our Utility Assistance program is a service to assist households who have had a recent crisis which prevents them from making payment to prevent their utilities from being shut off.  This service requires that there be some source of income in the household which could include employment or other cash benefits from social security, unemployment. etc.  Families looking for help with utility assistance should contact our office to discuss all the guidelines for receiving help from this program.


Emergency Food Pantry

The Salvation Army does get donated food for an Emergency Food Pantry.  This pantry is meant to supplement to main pantry services in town and as such we only are able to give away what is donated to us.  There are times when our pantry supplies are low, but when we have items to share, we will share them.  Call the office to hear frequency and eligibility guidelines.


Pathway of Hope

The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope initiative provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation. It seeks to address the root causes of poverty in addition to The Army's history of compassionate serving. By helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can lead families down a path toward increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.  Learn more >


Christmas Assistance

Check out the Christmas Assistance tab on our main page.



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