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The Salvation Army helps make families whole. Image

The Salvation Army helps make families whole.

We believe in the power of strong families.

The Salvation Army offers a wide array of community programs to help cultivate brighter futures. Along with community centers dedicated to supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of moms, dads, and kids, we provide summer camps for kids, after-school and summer programs for students of all ages, support for expecting and new parents, and numerous music, art, and athletic programs for aspiring youth.

No family should feel like they are struggling alone!

How we help equip families

We are here to provide families with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Pathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope is a program to assist families with minor children that links and coordinates services within The Salvation Army with community agencies.  Families in the Pathway of Hope receive support from a caring team that helps them set and achieve their own goals.

You might be a good fit for Pathway of Hope if any of these statements describe you:

  • I have a goal in mind; I just don't know where to start.
  • I want something different for myself and my family.
  • I think about changing my situation.
  • I need help deciding which direction to go.
  • I sometimes find myself struggling.
  • My situation is not good and I think I should change it.
  • Anyone can talk about changing their situation; I'm actually going to do something about it.

Learn more about Pathway of Hope

Summer Camp

For many kids, summer camp is the first time they will see the world outside of their neighborhood. Each year, Little Pine Island welcomes hundreds of children from low-income families to enjoy fresh air, exercise and new friendships through our annual summer program. This experience is more than just a few days away from home. Here, children learn new skills and self-reliance. Trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them mature and grow. Camp activities include learning to swim, scouting, arts and crafts, music development, and sports. Learn More