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Partners in Doing the Most Good

The Salvation Army has changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout the nation. But it never does it alone. WE NEED YOU!!

Volunteer opportunities include things like:  food pantry, kitchen help, social service desk, or shelter meal preparation. Discover some of them online today: Just Click Here

Contact us and request that we send you our Volunteer Opportunity Sheet which gives areas you or your group from your business, church, or school could help.

The Christmas Season offers several opportunities to support The Salvation Army.  Volunteer to ring bells or set up your own on-line virtual kettle.  Call us or go to to sign up to ring at one of our stores in Decatur.  Organize your own Angel Tree to help arrange to encourage others to donate toys for children who's family might not otherwise be in a position to do it themselves.  Volunteer to help at our Toy Shop to arrange toys and help during distribution.  Ask about helping to assemble and distribute food boxes in December.

For any other questions or specific volunteer ideas please contact Kyle Karsten at: