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Partners in Doing the Most Good

The Salvation Army has changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout the nation. But it never does it alone.

Volunteers are important and vital to fulfilling our mission and vision for the Downriver community. Thank you for all you do to help us accomplish much in our community.

The following are our current volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer Bell Ringers

Volunteer Bell ringers play a crucial role in raising support The Salvation Army's programs that help our neighbors in need all year long. We can always use your help. Visit to get started.


Volunteer duties include assisting office personnel answer  phones, file, shred, and general office duties.  Hours are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Food Pantry 

Volunteer duties include stocking pantry, packing groceries for clients and checking food expiration dates.


Volunteers help maintain the building through housekeeping chores, helping with fundraising events such as the Food Drive, moving foods from garage to food pantry and doing exterior maintenance chores such as keeping parking lots and building clean and presentable to visitors.

Meal Share

Volunteers work with a team to serve meals to people.  Volunteer jobs include cooking, washing dishes, serving meals on trays, and clean-up.

Christmas Help

Volunteers assist social services in registration for low income families to receive toys and food for their families at Christmas time.  Volunteers also assist social services in the Toy Shop for families to choose toys for their children.

Nursing Home Visits

We visit 18 local nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and group homes every Christmas & Easter.  We provide the residents with The Salvation Army War Cry magazines & small gifts.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Lt. Audrey Sutter – or 734-282-0930.

Emergency Disaster Services

While each disaster creates its own unique circumstances and special needs, Salvation Army disaster relief efforts focus on seven core services. These services may be modified based on the magnitude of the disaster and adapted to meet the specific needs of individual survivors. The seven core serves are: Training, Food Service, Emotional and Spiritual Care, Emergency Communications, Disaster Social Services, Donations Management, and Recovery.

If you would like more information or to be a part of the The Salvation Army Downriver Emergency Disaster Team, please contact Lt. Shawn Sutter, Sr. - or 734-282-0930.

For more information on volunteering with us, click here or contact our office at 734-282-0930.