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Case Managers work with residents to ensure succes Image

Case Managers work with residents to ensure succes

"Faith House Case Management is designed to help guide clients on their path toward independence and permanent housing."

Faith House provided case management to

27 family units in 2019

We are honored to work one on one with our most vulnerable in Burnett County.  Our goal is to help meet the client where they are at and build real and attainable goals that will help lead to independence and permanent housing.

Faith House was there for me when I had no where to go

Faith House Shelter has nearly 100% placement into permanent housing after staying at our shelter. Those who stay with us point to the one on one care case management they received as one of their factors in long term success.

How we help equip families

Case Management

This the number one way we are able to positively influence and equip families to be successful and maintain independence long into the future.  At Faith House Shelter, each resident is matched with a Case Manager who works with the client to ensure goals are being set and met.  Goals may include things like: finding a job; attending mental or physical health appointments, ensuring resources are applied for, helping to find housing and more.  Every individual is unique and presents with a different set of challenges.  Case Management ensures that these individuals are able to approach the healing and independence process in a way that makes sense for the person and family as a whole. 

Community Partners

Churches, Civic Groups and other organizations are invited to visit Faith House Shelter and encourage our families by providing classes, fun activities and/or inviting our families to their churches or other events.  Providing a sense of community for those staying at Faith House Shelter is way we can encourage families to become engaged in their community and build a support system that helps to ensure success long into the future.