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Make a joyful noise & ring in hope Image

Make a joyful noise & ring in hope

Spread the melody of kindness - ring bells around our Red Kettles! Tag our Facebook with posts of you singing, swinging & bell ringing!

Ring Bells Here


A roof overhead, food on the table, warm clothes, children's laughter. One Christmas Day without worry, one day to remember what life was, before...

Provide Hope


This Christmas, we work to provide twice as much with half as many. Will you lend a hand?

I'll lend a hand


A gift under the tree this year for a child whose family is struggling is more than a toy. It's hope with a bow on top. Give the gift of hope.

Fund a Child's Wish Pick a toy

The Salvation Army's mission shines brightest at Christmastime.  

Struggle is opportunity in work clothes.  Some of the most courageous people we know have come to us this year, lost somewhere between where they have been and where they need to be.  Recovery looks different for each family.  So does the timeline.  This holiday season, The Salvation Army invites you to add your kindness, compassion and hope to ours.  Together we will pave the way for better days.  When things are at their worst, we know this community shines the brightest.  Shine with us this year and with your kindness, you will be the answer to a child's prayer; a Christmas angel to one whose forgotten how to believe; an unsung family hero to parents who couldn't provide without you; a lifeline to one drowning in depression and hopelessness; a new beginning for a new employee.  With your kindness, you become a partner in hope, delivering a renewed belief in better tomorrows.   With your help, hope march on. 

Ways to spread holiday hope:

Red Kettles, the iconic symbols of service.  Seek out these shiny red beacons, as a donor, as a bell ringer. Learn more at registertoring.com (Don't forget the mini counter kettles, the smaller, but no less mighty vessels of hope!) Please, extend a thank you to the hosts - without them, the kettles would be in storage and our ability to serve, diminished. 

MATCH a Red Kettle collection and double the good we can do - contact Connie.millard@usc.salvationarmy.org for how!

  Use our online Red Kettle, the kettle that never closes, never sleeps! "Drop a donation in the bucket" anytime.

Better still, create your own virtual red kettle at fundraiseforgood.com  let us know and we'll clue in our Online Kettle Captains, Sunny 97-7 & 95 & 96-1 TCX so they can give you a shout out!

Adopt A Family and Angel Tree, two holiday traditions that put Christmas under the tree and magic in children's hearts. Visit Registry for Good Fond du Lac | Walmart.com

 Fill Baskets of Hope with necessities in these most requested categories:  children’s winter gear (waterproof gloves, mittens, snow pants, NEW socks and underwear),  toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, kleenex, soap), one for cleaning/laundry supplies (window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, sponges, mops, brooms, buckets, paper towel, laundry detergent, dryer sheets), one for “Things to Do” (NEW adult/children/family games, books, craft kits, etc.), and one for unexpected kindnesses (this one the “bag stuffer” decides).  

Sometimes, good things fall apart in order for other things to fall together.  This community, the people IN this community are a good thing.  Over the horizon, there are better days.  We'll get there, together. 


Help Brighten the Holidays

Ringing into Christmas

"My daughter, Neelie and I were ringing bells and a woman pulled out a $100 bill in memory of her father who gave every year but passed away. She was carrying on his tradition of donating $100 to a kettle each year. She got all teary-eyed while telling us his story. What a fantastic way to honor her father. We were astounded by her generosity. Neelie and I will be back Christmas Eve to get some more into those kettles!" - Beckye, Fond du Lac



Christmastime is a special time of celebration.  The Salvation Army has shared Christmas mealtime items, toys for children up to 16 years and practical gifts for adults including seniors and veterans. We share toys with young people up to 16 yrs. and under; practical gifts with adults and items for a traditional Christmas meal. And we have help: businesses, organizations, churches and families share. Brighten the holiday for families working hard to put food on the table, keep gas in the tank,  a roof overhead and all the basics.  We invite you to help us box and bag up hope.  Here's how it works:

Choose a container to fill.  A box or bag, bin or basket. Label it Box/Bag/Basket/Bin of Hope shared with love by ______ (first names are fine).  Decorate your container. Add a note of hope (optional) 

Choose from the categories of items that will make the holidays brightest:

  •  Children’s winter gear (waterproof gloves, mittens, snow pants, NEW socks and underwear),
  •  Toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, kleenex, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes),
  • Cleaning/laundry supplies (window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, sponges, mops, brooms, buckets, paper towel, laundry detergent, dryer sheets),
  • Tween & Teen gifts (earbuds, books, games, gift cards, fuzzy socks, mittens, furry slipper socks, candles)
  • Family gifts (crock pots, flannel sheets, family movie tickets, towels)
  • “Things to Do” (NEW adult/children/family games, books, craft kits, etc.),
  • Unexpected kindnesses (this one the donor decides)

Collect and fill your container.  Return it to The Salvation Army by December 8, just in time to brighten the holiday!!



The difference your boxes, bags, baskets and bins make?  Read:

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For more information on bell ringing and other ways you can assist during the holidays

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