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Our Doors are always open

The Salvation Army provides the resources needed to bring a self-sustained end homelessness

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The Ways we bring relief to the Homeless in Knox County


  • Transitional Housing - Many who face homelessness in our community only need a single extension of support and love to begin regaining control in their lives. The Salvation Army recognizes this and offers transitional housing resources for those who have an isolated cause of their homelessness that can be met. Whether it is addiction, employment, abuse, or other barriers to sustainable housing and self-support, our doors are always open to help those in need recover and learn what they need to leave homelessness forever.


  • Emergency Shelter - Anyone can find themselves homeless in the blink of an eye. The Salvation Army's emergency housing options are always ready to take in those who have nowhere to go in times of dangerous weather, personal tragedy, or natural disaster. Standing as a testament of God's love for all, we offer a safe bed and a warm meal to those in need in our community.


  • Housing Assistance - Supporting the fight against homelessness is made up largely through prevention resources. The Salvation Army provides support to those in need but also works with individuals or families that may be close to becoming homeless. We do this by supplying assistance with rent payment, utility costs, medical bills, clothing, and more.