Our Place Within Your Community: Healing

Jul 2, 2019

Corps (kôr) - A Salvation Army unit established for the preaching of the gospel and service in the community.

This is a direct definition from the glossary of terms issued by our International command. While the definition could be stretched out even longer to encompass even more functions of a Corps location, today we wanted to focus on the community aspect. 

Why does The Salvation Army work best by serving directly from a physical location in your neighborhood, town, city or county? Because for us it is not about being in your community, it is about being a part of your community. Our mission comes to life when we make friends, help families that we know, bring those who are lost to the light of God, and ultimately share real change to the lives of those we are tied closely to. Fulton County has stood as a testament to this in recent times. Lieutenant Sarah Eddy and her staff, volunteers and local support have been bravely serving out of the Canton Community Corps to bring God’s healing message in difficult times.

Already reeling from loss of life in a tragic home explosion, the community was faced with another heartbreak after Deputy Troy Chisum gave his life in the line of duty and protection. These moments can cause faith, love and hope to waver and understandably so; but The Salvation Army of Fulton County is proud to be one of the many local beacons of guidance. They have given their chapel as a place to heal together, their strength for those in need to draw upon and their resources to help support the community’s needs throughout it all. None of this would be possible if this work wasn’t coming from a locally committed person and that is exactly what Lt. Sarah and her part of The Salvation Army is, a Fulton County family member.

This amazing dedication has added to the wide-spread support that is deeply ingrained in the identity of this community. Through the good and the bad, we have seen countless moments of God’s love being spread to those who need it most. In these recent moments, particularly, this came in the form of an absolutely breathtaking showing for Deputy Chisum’s funeral procession/memorial. Over 2,000 people were in attendance and many more watched online as the entire community not only shared in this special day but made it possible together. This goes beyond the healing from a tragic loss, it stands as a sign of an incredibly strong willed family that can always turn to each other. For us, being a part of this is a blessing that is unmatched and it is why The Salvation Army is not only in your community but also serving as a part of your community.

Our Corps officers start families, raise children and make life-long friends.

           Our volunteers find new callings in life and create new meaning for themselves.

           Our staff undertake our mission into their own lives and inspire others around them.

All of this happens right next door to you and so we thank everyone who has welcomed, supported and allowed our mission to find a home, not just within Fulton County but all across the Heartland Division. Because of you we are continually able to join the leadership that helps a community become a stronger family.


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