The Army Essentials: Communities Who Care

May 14, 2021

Every year, The Salvation Army is honored to have a full week dedicated to celebrating our mission and shining a light on our organization's history. National Salvation Army Week is a great opportunity for new people to discover their local Salvation Army's work and long time supporters to receive thanks for bringing our mission to life every day in their communities.  

To celebrate here in the Heartland Division though, this year we wanted to look at what parts of our mission attribute to the unique successes we see across Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa. We are looking at some of the Army Essentials to celebrate National Salvation Army Week!

To round off our Army Essentials series, there is only one more major part of our mission that we could think to shine a light upon - You. The Salvation Army's local support is one of the most crucial factors to our success around the world. In the Heartland Division, this is especially true!

The communities we serve are close-knit, united and loving. You and all of your neighboring community members share a strong sense of what the local needs are and how you want to support one another in order to meet these needs. The Salvation Army is blessed to be accepted into this fabric of your community and offer our mission to provide opportunities, assistance and more. By supporting our mission, you ensure that The Salvation Army isn't just in your community, but we are instead a part of the your community in a very real and impactful way. 

Giving your support has many meanings too; The Salvation Army mission is advanced by anyone who...

No matter how you choose to join The Salvation Army in Doing The Most Good for your local community, we thank you. All of our supporters, large and small, are an Army Essential. The services we provide would never reach those in need, change lives or take root in a community's resources - without all of those who keep our mission in their heart. 

We have been a part of local community members finding a new purpose, meeting life partners, discovering their faith and so many more amazing moments. We thank you for welcoming The Salvation Army into your communities and being an essential part of our continued success. National Salvation Army Week is a celebration of everything related to our organization and our supporters are undoubtedly the most deserving part of this week's praises.



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