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Sep 23, 2019



        Donors know what difference we make because they help support that change

        Volunteers know the impact we leave because they are the ones creating it

        Local & Corporate Partners know our importance because they share our mission in helping the community

But what about everyone else in the areas where The Salvation Army serves?

How do the families, individuals, children and young adults, who have never been involved with our work, learn about the changes we create every day?

By simply hearing first-hand from those who have felt The Salvation Army’s love and support & those who have helped make it a reality.

Follow these links below to read testimonies on The Salvation Army's importance and work directly from those whose lives have been touched by our mission.

Local Corporate Partnership    Youth Support     Bringing Hope To Families


We have learned from our communities that for those who know us as just a “Thrift Store”, “Homeless Shelter”, “Summer Camp” or “Church” there are many ways to learn that The Salvation Army is all of these things and more! The best way, however, for you to understand who we are is to hear who we have been for those in need around your community:

  • A support network, connecting and providing people with the resources they need to create better lives for themselves and their families.
  • A family, opening our doors to all who want to connect spiritually, lean on others in hard times or simply become closer tied to their community.
  • Advocates, showing hope and love to all who have lost their way and simply need guidance to overcome their challenges.
  • A local voice, hearing what the real needs are directly from those we work with and sharing these initiatives with the rest of the community.
  • A spiritual haven, offering a place to experience worship and ministry to those who have lost their relationship with God or want to discover His love for the first time in their life.

All of our work at The Salvation Army has an impact that may go unseen or unknown until you discover it yourself. Contact us today and you can join one of our causes that you care about or ask to hear from those our work has left a lasting impact upon and you can start understanding why we are committed to Doing The Most Good. 

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