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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty


How we help empower youth

Character Building

Every Wednesday night during the school year, we provide a fun night of activities for children in our congregation and in our surrounding community. The evening begins at homework help and then a dinner from our Kid’s Café. Following dinner, we have character building programs for both boys and girls in grades 1st – 12th grades. These educational programs introduce kids to activities which help to enhance their character. We teach them the basics of how to become a productive part of society and how to have fun! After our character building programs, we have music classes for those children who are interested.

Here is our schedule:

4:30-5:00: Homework help (Hillsdale College students help with this)
5:00-5:30: Dinner
5:30-6:30: Character Building
6:30-7Pm: Music Class

The program helps boys and girls to develop:

- Social and Communication Habits

- Artistic Flare and Giftedness

- Decision Making and Life Skills

- Character and Leadership

- To love God more

Encouraging boys and girls through a Biblical world view:

- Through prayers

- Providing a sense of Personal Identity and Character

- Christian Values and Biblical Principles

- Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social Development


For more information, call Captain Sean Grey at 517-437-4240 ext 207.