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Bell Ringing
Red Kettles and Gold Bells help The Salvation Army of Livingston County raise nearly one third of their annual budget each year! Believe it or not these short 6 weeks make the difference in the number of people and programs we can do the following year and we need many helping hands to make this happen! By volunteering to Bell Ring for a short 2 hours you can: make a new family tradition, bring a smile to the faces of children passing by and most importantly bring HOPE to a family in need. Help provide HOPE to a neighbor, friend or even a stranger this year.                         

Bell Ringing volunteer Opportunities

Did you know??

Each year The Salvation Army hires bell ringers too? We have many kettle locations and hopefully one year we will be able to man all of those locations during all shifts with volunteers. However until then, we hire individuals to help us during this super busy time. An unmanned kettle stand brings in little to no money, therefore hiring someone helps us tremendously.  It also helps those needing some extra funds during the holidays. If you or someone you know are interested contact Major Prezza Morrison at 517-546-4750 or visit the Corps Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm (503 Lake Street, Howell)

  • Hired bell ringers are paid $9.25 per hour
  • Hours vary by location and the number of volunteers we have helping
  • A full background check must be completed before hiring
  • Must be 18 or older to qualify
  • Must be willing to stand outside in all weather types for several hours, up to 8