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Partners in Doing the Most Good

The Salvation Army has changed lives and given hope to countless people throughout the nation. But it never does it alone.

Volunteers matter and make a DIFFERENCE in what we do at The Salvation Army of Livingston County.

  • They share the most precious of resources, their time and talents
  • They help make life better for those who are in need 
  • Fruits of their labor make a tangible impact 
  • Their act of kindness and caring is what helps us make the difference in the lives of those we serve 

We cannot do what we do without Volunteers.

Whether you are a long time volunteer or recently joined our team, it's important  to know that  WHAT YOU DO MAKES THIS DIFFERENCE We truly value and appreciates each and every volunteer who gives back by supporting The Salvation Army and our mission

Summer Lunch Bunch - June through August 2019
The Summer Lunch Bunch is a collaborative community meals program that meets all over Livingston County during the summer recess. Through a diverse offering of one-time weekly and daily meetings at Host Sites, families with children are ensured access to plentiful food all summer long.  Although the primary purpose of the program is to alleviate summer meal gaps for children, the program is not just about food. FREE family fun and activities are paired with the served meals. Volunteers are needed to help with meal set-up, serving, and cleanup after meals as well as helping with activities and general assistance wherever needed.  Training is a requirement and is provided by The Salvation Army.  

Training Sign Up                               Volunteer Sign Up

Clays for a Cause - Saturday, June 1st

This Annual Fundraiser is a unique event that needs many helping hands. The event supports all of The Salvation Army of Livingston County's programs by raising funds through a fun Sporting Clay Competition. Volunteers are need to help man the onsite fundraisers (auctions, raffles, etc), man the on course games, check in and register participants, set up and work the breakfast and lunch, photography, and much more. Opportunities require 2 hours - 6 hours. Volunteers are provided a meal during their shift.

To volunteer for this fun event contact Darlene Howard or sign up online

Emergency Disaster Services
The Salvation Army is one of the nation's largest federally recognized Emergency Disaster Services agencies. However all Salvation Army disaster response services are managed locally.  We recognize the critical importance of being prepared for disasters which means maintaining internal infrastructure and disaster training.  Disaster responses varies from place to place depending on the situation.  Our volunteers are trained to assist with food services, emergency shelter, cleanup, emergency communication, as well as spiritual and emotional care.  In  the case of a long-term disaster, volunteers will also learn restoration and rebuilding, disaster social services, and In-kind management.

To be part of the Emergency Disaster Team contact Major Prezza Morrison

Office Help

The Salvation Army periodically has a need for individuals to help with administration type tasks: stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, stocking the pantry. If helping around the office is your cup of tea, let us know, we would love to put you on the list!

Looking for something a little bit more around the Holidays? We need hundreds of volunteers for thousands of hours October through December every year. We assist over 500 families each year, which takes a lot of helping hands. Save the date for the below opportunities.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Assistance Sign Up Event
Each year The Salvation Army of Livingston assists over 500 families with Christmas and Thanksgiving needs. Many helping hands are needed to help these families complete paperwork and register them in the system. Volunteers are needed in October  and November 2019 (exact dates to come)

Christmas Toy Shop Set Up
Hundreds of families "shop" at The Salvation Army and Toys for Tot's partnered Toy Shop each year and we need helping hands to make this happen.  In order for the toy shop to be in tip top shape we need YOU! Starting December 1st we will need many helpers to set the toy shop, sort toys and much more. 

Christmas Distribution
    Hundreds of families "shop" at The Salvation Army and Toys for Tot's partnered Toy Shop each year and we need helping hands to make this happen. Volunteers are needed to help the families shop, load family cars, pick out gifts and much more. 
Christmas Distribution Opportunities December 12th and 13th of 2019

Bell Ringing
    Red Kettles and Gold Bells help The Salvation Army of Livingston County raise nearly one third of their annual budget each year! Believe it or not these short 8 weeks make the difference in the number of people and programs we can do the following year and we need many helping hands to make this happen! Bell Ringing for a short 2 hours you can make a new family tradition, bring a smile to the faces of children passing by and most importantly bring HOPE to a family in need. Help provide HOPE to a neighbor, friend or even a stranger this year.                         

Bell Ringing Opportunities start November 29, 2019

Looking for something more? Contact Darlene Howard at 517-546-4750 ext 347