Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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We love because God loved us first Image

We love because God loved us first

The Salvation Army provides spiritual services to anyone God brings across our path.

A Catalyst of Hope

Motivated by the love of God, as a leader in Christian faith-based human services, The Salvation Army is committed to serve the whole person, body, soul and spirit with integrity and respect, using creative solutions to positively transform lives.

This Church became my family

When I came to The Salvation Army, I had nothing left in me. However, the love I felt from this Church family has changed my life. I grew up in a tradition that was hard and when I started living life my way I lost everyone. The church here has become the family I lost and I am so happy that Jesus has brought me here.

How we help share God's love

When you think of The Salvation Army, you might picture red kettles or our thrift store. Yet most people don’t realize we are a Christian church. We meet people’s physical needs and heal souls through our spiritual ministry – by sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the promise of salvation. We want to help you explore what it means to have a personal relationship with God.

Services & Ministries
Whether church is already part of your life or you are experiencing faith for the first time, you are always welcome at our weekly worship service Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. We also offer spiritual ministries during the week.

Our Church's Vision
We will meet regularly to worship one true God, welcome everyone who enters our doors with the love of Christ, actively pursue lasting relationships, and build God’s kingdom one person at a time by providing opportunities for service that flow out of hearts filled with grace.

Women's Ministry
Have you ever thought about it, all of us leave a legacy? It's up to us what kind we leave behind. None of us have come from a perfect legacy, but we can choose whether to break the chains of the negative and live the life of the faithful. We can create a legacy of faithfulness for future generations, it's our choice.We can choose to be faithful in our marriage, in our relationship to God, with our kids, our boss, our church, and with our friends.We need to leave a legacy of faith that chooses to walk with God and follow Him. Soren Kierkegaard said, "Above all, do not lose your desire to walk..." Catherine Booth said, "The waters are rising, but so am I, I'm not under but over." We see so many examples in history, and throughout scripture, many who were considered faithful.

Enoch-The Faith walker...walked with God daily (Genesis 5:21-24) Preached and called for change (Jude 14-15)

Abraham-began with a faith journey (Hebrews 11:8-10) Stepped out in faith, not knowing where he was going (Genesis 12:1)

Joseph-faithful, even when separated from his family and his heritage /faithful in difficult places (Genesis 39:1-6,20-23)
Dependent upon God (Genesis 41:16, 45:8)

No one from history or scripture was perfect in their walk of faith and ours won't be either. George Muller says,"Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man's power ends." We are faced with choices everyday. We make the choice to be faithful or not with each situation. Sometimes we base our decision only on what we see and experience. However, decision-making needs to go deeper, and allow our faith to kick in and God's power to take control. Part of God's plan was for us to live, work and worship in this world and it's up to us how we choose to carry it out. What kind of legacy are you leaving for your family?

Children's Ministry
We exist to help children first know that God created them intentionally for a purpose, and secondly that He loves them deeply. We bring interactive classes and illustrated videos to our children to keep them engaged and learning not only about God but actually getting to know Jesus and building a personal relationship with Him.

Worship and Community Center Schedule

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Worship service

5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Women's Ministry
6 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Dinner/Bible Study