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City Mission Collective

We are a network of individuals, families, and congregations who are pursuing
God’s Mission of reconciliation for all creation in our neighborhoods.

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Our Story

The Urban Mission Center was established in 2014, though its roots trace back to 2010, with the start of Temple House. The Midland Division owned a collection of residential properties that were used for transitional housing. Circumstances changed and the HUD funding used for sustaining the program was eliminated, creating a precarious situation for The Salvation Army: try to sell houses in a neighborhood with almost no housing market, leave the houses vacant, or find a new way forward.

Colonel Neal Richardson, Major Phil Aho, and A/C Steve Diaz came together to create Temple House, a faith based missional community of young adults who would live and serve together in Benton Park West. The fledgling community hosted a dozen young adults in its early years, with A/Cs Steve and Ketsia Diaz leading the way.

In June 2013, Major Gail Aho more

Our Goals

We are living in the Urban Millennium -- a time in history marked by unpredictability, constant change, and a deep global interconnectedness. We believe the Holy Spirit is inviting The Salvation Army to respond with curiosity and innovation. We seek to build and equip a network of city missioners who are committed to pursuing God’s mission of reconciliation for all creation.

  1. Guide Collective Members in discovering their place in God’s mission.
  2. Foster a spirit and practice of innovation in missional communities.
  3. Equip Collective Members to fully pursue God’s mission of reconciliation for all creation.
  4. Establish missional practices in our neighborhoods.
  5. Amplify nonwhite voices in The Salvation Army and our communities.

Get Connected

City Residents live, work and play in Missional Community. We value the resources and assets in our community and work together to sustain them. We believe that we can accomplish more together than alone.

Join the City Mission Collective! We’re building a network of folks who are pursuing God’s mission of reconciliation of all creation in their Salvation Army neighborhoods. Will you join us?


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Adina O'Neal, City Mission Collective Director: adina.o'