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Our Doors are always open

each year, The Salvation Army provides over 10 million nights of shelter to those in need

The O'Fallon Family Lodge provides over 7700 nights of shelter every year.

The O'Fallon Family Lodge seeks to shepherd families through homelessness into health and sustainability.

More than a Homeless Shelter

The O'Fallon Family Lodge houses families as well as single women. While providing food and shelter, the lodge also helps families to work through the underlying causes of homelessness with the ultimate goal of not just permanent housing but long term sustainability.

How we help provide housing

The O'Fallon Family Lodges houses up to 30 people.  Individuals and Families are referred to the O'Fallon Family Lodge through United Way 211.  

Each case's individual needs are assessed and goals are set.  The Lodge seeks to address not just the immediate need of housing but also the underlying issues which might have contributed to someone experiencing homelessness.  A spiritual assessment is conducted to help residents reconnect with their faith community.


A Holistic Approach
The lodge kitchen serves over 12,000 meals a year to residents.  Meals at the lodge are served family style and families are housed together.  For many addressing homelessness begins by addressing the family system and starting new traditions and rituals.  



Hope for a lifetime
By addressing homelessness holistically, families learn to be families again.  Many shelter residents remain in contact with The Salvation Army for years after their stay at the Lodge and have found ways to serve their community.