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Toy Shop Donation Information Image

Toy Shop Donation Information

Where can I donate toys?

Toys can be dropped off at the Toy Shop Distribution Center, 5880 N. 60th Street, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. all year.  Toys can also be brought to any Salvation Army Center for Worship and Service (not Family Thrift Stores) or placed in the Toys for Tots boxes found at various retail sites throughout the Milwaukee area.

Do you take used toys?

No.  We only accept new toys for the Christmas distribution.  Used toys can be donated for sale in Salvation Army thrift stores, but not for the Christmas Toy Shop.

Are there specific toys needed?

Our biggest area of need is for both boys and girls ages 8-12 years old.

Below is a list of suggested toys for our Toy Shop:


  • Any sport balls
  • Lego Sets
  • skate boards
  • Action, Cartoon and Adventure figures
  • Hot Wheel gift sets
  • remote cars and trucks
  • Science Kits
  • Train Sets
  • racing sets
  • Drones
  • Virtual Headsets
  • Star War Toys/figures
  • Games


  • Anything Barbie (Barbie's of color too)
  • Dolls of color
  • Monster High
  • Lego sets
  • Easy bake oven
  • My LIttle Pony sets
  • Shopkins Sets
  • Princess Dolls
  • Toy kitchen Sets
  • Baby Alive
  • Kid  Make up sets
  • Kid Nail Polish Sets
  • Jewelry
  • Bake Sets
  • Doc Mc Stuffins
  • Disney Beauty And the Beast
  • Moana

Teen Males

  • Sports stuff
  • Shaving/ Cologne gift sets
  • Blue tooth speakers
  • Skateboards
  • Drones
  • Virtual Headset

Teen Females

  • Make up Sets
  • Nail Polish Sets
  • Jewelry
  • Hair curling irons
  • Hair flat irons
  • Perfume sets
  • Purse
  • Watch sets
  • Hair Blow dryers
  • Bath and Body Sets