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Poverty Doesn't Have to be Permanent

We're here to help bridge the gap for those struggling to make ends meet.

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At the Burrows Center for Help and Hope in Omaha,

we provide everything individuals and families need to get back on their feet.  

The Greatest Need right now is

nonperishable food items

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Fueling Bodies and Renewing Spirits

"I have four boys, and they're always hungry," said Sandra Ybarra, who visits the Burrows Center food pantry once a month to help stretch her food budget. The Salvation Army also helped Sandra learn how to budget and find housing after she moved from Oklahoma to Omaha with her newborn son who needed extensive medical treatment at Nebraska Medicine. "I'm so grateful for how The Salvation Army has helped us and seen me through a lot of hard times."

Hours of Operation

Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday
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