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Fighting Poverty One Step at a Time Image

Fighting Poverty One Step at a Time

We provide material assistance and seasonal services to help those struggling financially make ends meet.

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Sometimes it's job loss or a medical emergency. Other times it's an unexpected car or home repair.

Whatever the cause, the descent into poverty often stems from a combination of factors, including unemployment, underemployment, costly prescriptions or medical bills, mental illness, inadequate affordable housing, lack of education and addiction.

We provide help when times are tough by offering clothing, household items, help paying for prescription medications, utilities assistance and seasonal services. Our goal is to help those who are struggling to stay afloat until financial stability can be achieved.

"The Burrows Center is a one-stop shop."

"In addition to food, we provide referrals to local agencies, utilities and Christmas assistance, and backpacks and school supplies for kids going back to school. We are here for anyone who needs us," says Tiffanie McCowin, material assistance and seasonal services director.


How We Help Overcome Poverty

We fight poverty in big ways and small, knowing that every bit of help allows individuals and families to keep their heads above water.

Utility Assistance
A parent shouldn't have to choose between filling a child's prescription and paying a utility bill, but sadly, these are often the choices that people living in poverty are forced to make. We partner with the Common Fund of the Heartland (for OPPD and MUD customers) and Black Hills Energy (for BHE customers) to help individuals and families bridge the gap when money is short.

Seasonal Services
Whether it's a warm jacket for the frigid winter months, a fan to provide cool relief during the summer, a backpack full of school supplies or assistance paying bills or prescriptions, we are here to help struggling individuals and families bridge the gap. And because Christmas can be more stressful than joyful when the budget is tight, we also provide holiday assistance so there will always be gifts under the tree.

Eligibility requirements vary with service requested. A picture ID, social security card or birth certificate for everyone in household and proof of residence within the last 30 days is required. There may be income guidelines for specific programs.

Please call 402-898-5860 for more information.  

Other Ways We Meet Needs