Reaffirming The Salvation Army Mission

Nov 29, 2021

The Salvation Army's Scriptural and Christian foundation is a clear part of the organization's past, present and future. Our work today meets the greatest needs within local communities that we are a part of - just as William Booth and his army of salvationists established through their service over a century ago. The aim of this work is defined concretely in our mission statement: " To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination". This is the basis for all that The Salvation Army does. While carrying out this work, our mission never changes. Assumptions or claims that contradict this clear mission statement in any capacity, are patently false. The Salvation Army will always be a beacon of Hope that is open to serving all, employing all and loving all who our mission encounters. Suggesting alternative narratives about our work, mission or intentions is simply a misrepresentation of The Salvation Army.

Individuals, groups or outside organizations who assign an agenda to our mission that is not reflective of our official statements, are flagrantly misrepresenting who The Salvation Army is and what we do. 

Pieces of content that internal Salvation Army groups share publicly can cover many topics, including racism. While challenging to approach, when these resources are aimed at difficult modern topics, the goal is always to spark conversation in those who are voluntarily engaging with them. The Salvation Army has never and will never tell anyone what to think or do because the organization is open and accessible to all who seek it. These are simply efforts within The Salvation Army's mission to encourage thought and learning surrounding different issues being discussed in our modern society. Utilizing our online platforms to house these resources is never intended to create confusion or frustration. If this does happen, however, The Salvation Army offers transparent responses and swift corrections.

We encourage all who hear troubling rumors or read inflammatory headlines to reach out to their local Salvation Army or directly with the Heartland Division Headquarters. Our staff remains ready to correct all misrepresentations that frame The Salvation Army mission in an inaccurate manner. Click here to Contact Us today

Our mission remains focused on helping those in need locally with the generosity, love and support that we receive from community members and organizations. Accusations and controversies will not obstruct the great work The Salvation Army proudly serves. We thank all who continue to show their support and believe in our mission, as well as those who seek us out directly with questions or concerns.


The National Commander's Message On The Salvation Army's Enduring Commitment


To find a more in depth stance that The Salvation Army holds on the topic of racism, please download and read our International Position Statement by Clicking Here


Learn More About Our Mission's Stance Against Injustice

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