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The Salvation Army helps make families whole. Image

The Salvation Army helps make families whole.

pathway of hope

The Salvation Army offers a program to parents/grandparents with children called Pathway of Hope.  The Pathway of Hope Program is a great program that helps families see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The program works with families to set goals and mentors them to help them get out of the “cycle” that most of the individuals that we come in contact with feel that they are in

The Pathway of Hope Approach Includes: Connecting individuals to community resources

Cassie's husband was deployed overseas. Her anxiety would not allow her to remain in military housing during his absence; therefore, Cassie and her two year old daughter Julia moved to Shelbyville to be near family. Her loving parents tried to take her in but found themselves in danger of losing their own housing. Using Cassie's military ties, I transported Cassie to Work One to meet with a military agent who was able to connect Cassie with a program called The Path Home. Six months later, Cassie and Julie were reunited when Jason came home

How we encourage families

Our Pathway of Hope Program is just one way that we can come alongside families and help them.  But we also have other opportunities that families can come together and have fun.


Pathway of Hope

If you would like to learn more about our Pathway of Hope Program, contact our Case Manager, Shannon Benner at 317/398-7421 to start the conversation. We want to say we are proud of you for making the first step to finding Hope.


Family Fun Night

Once a month we have a Family Fun Night.  At Family Fun Night we offer food, games, crafts, and a movie.  This is free to the community. We believe that families should spend time together doing something FUN!  Our next Family Fun Night, is Friday, November 30th - and it is Christmas themed. So come and enjoy the FUN!!


Eligibility Guidelines

  • Contact our Case Manager, Shannon Benner, to start the conversation on finding Hope. 317/398-7421
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