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Thank you for your interest in partnership with The Salvation Army!

We look forward to discovering opportunities to work with you to engage employees, delight customers, and increase sales - all while doing good for people in need. The Salvation Army is one of the most recognized and beloved charities in the world and has a geographic footprint that stretches across almost every zip code in America, and 128 countries. This means the opportunities to create meaningful partnership experiences that match your business objectives, customer base, and corporate philanthropy focus are endless.

Real Impact

The Salvation Army helps more than 28 million people each year. That's nearly one person every second. With programs that meet the specific needs of each unique community we serve, The Salvation Army is filling some of the most critical gaps in society. Join us in making a marked impact in people's lives.

Unparalleled Reach

With a presence in 128 countries and programs touching nearly every zip code in America, partnership with The Salvation Army means joining a large sophisticated network of people who are actively strengthening communities, providing hope to those in despair and reducing human suffering.

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