Hi everyone I’m Joe the Turk!

Here on the Salvation Army Central Territory Historical Museum’s Facebook page you’ll find print outs of me that you can color in, cut out, take with or send to your friends and family around the Territory.

Be sure to take lots of great pictures along the way and share them back here or tag use on Instagram @sacentralterritorymuseum. Use the hashtag #FlatJoeTurk too!

You’ll want to be sure to share your photos with the Museum and everyone else because there just might be some prizes involved! Shh! Don’t tell them I spilled the beans and told you.

Now for a little bit about me …

I was one of the early pioneers in the American Salvation Army. My first encounter with the Army was when I heard the band playing in the street. They were so good and people were just being down right mean, throwing stones and jeering. I had none of that, after taking care of a few ruffians I knelt down and prayed with the people.

Since then I’ve been travelling all over the United States sharing the message of Jesus with my horn and umbrella in hand. Sometimes I’ve even ended up in a bit of trouble since people at this time weren’t big fans of what I was saying. 

This summer I want to go along with you on all your adventures!

- Joe the Turk


Joe the Turk Coloring Page

Flat Joe Turk