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We’ve been protecting human rights worldwide and here at home for more than 150 years. This January, we’re proud to support National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Our commitment to Doing The Most Good® has positioned us as a leader in combatting human trafficking, aiding the abused, advocating for the poor, hungry, exploited, and underpaid, and more. Likewise, we follow Christ's command to care for the prisoner, rehabilitating them so they don't offend again. And, our world missions work builds infrastructures to ensure all children have access to education and single mothers can learn skills to earn a living wage.


Protecting human rights means ensuring that everyone deserves and has access to equal economic, social protections and opportunities.

    The poor and destitute are much more likely to fall victim to trafficking schemes, or domestic violence. While slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human trafficking still generates billions of dollars in profits from sex workers and forced labor today. These people, whom God loves, are robbed of their dignity. The Salvation Army exists to imitate Christ; providing freedom to the oppressed, solace to the brokenhearted and good news to the poor (see Luke 4:18-19).