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The Adult Rehabilitation Center program offers social and spiritual rehabilitation. Our mission is to serve all people without discrimination, within a place free of judgment and shame. In living and sharing the Christian gospel by meeting tangible needs, we give the world the love of Christ.

Our six month minimum program focuses on building a physical and spiritual foundation in a substance free environment. Intentional and required program elements include: work therapy, spiritual counseling, life skills, christian living and personal growth classes..

Our center provides a safe place for your recovery while rebuilding a lifestyle that is free and safe of dependency, a brand new start. You do not have to worry about a place to sleep or food to eat.

While enrolled in the program we will provide meals and shelter for you. Keeping your focus on your recovery and not survival.

Many of our graduates leave with a fresh start, maintain sobriety, gain meaningful employment, obtain housing, and mend relationships with family while gaining a spiritual foundation.

Your first step in recovery is taking the opportunity to reach out to us through one of the ways listed here. There is no time like the opportunity in front of you now.

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The Salvation Army is the largest provider of free, no cost rehabilitation programs.

The Salvation Army has been on the front lines, helping alcohol and drug abusers rebuild their lives. When left untreated, it can destroy individuals’ lives and tear families apart. Our holistic programs focus on the root causes and provide the tools needed for a healthy and purposeful life. You or your loved one don’t have to shoulder this burden alone.