Constance's Story

Mar 22, 2018

Constance is a hard working, independent mother who has been providing for herself and her family since the age of seventeen. She never expected she would one day need help from The Salvation Army...

She had been welding automotive parts for fourteen year when her employer filed for bankruptcy. Thinking it was a temporary setback, one year turned to two; she quickly depleted her saving and didn't know where to turn. As a single mother her biggest concern was providing stability for her family. That's when she found The Salvation Army Bed and Bread program.

"No mother wants to see her kids go to bed hungry. No mother wants to have to tell her child that see can't provide the basic necessities."

The Salvation Army's Bed and Bread Trucks deliver warm meals to communities on a regular basis. 

 "I just looked for the big red shield on the side of the road"

Since then, Constance as started her own business and has been working hard to provide for her family, regaining the financial independence and stability that she provides for her family.

Constance reflects back on the time when The Salvation Army provide basic needs for her family, "They were the world to me at a time where my world was caving in."



The Bed & Bread program is an example of the numerous programs we have that help provide basic needs to individuals and families. See more examples of these programs, or find a location near you. 

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