Making a Difference in the Midwest, September 1

Sep 2, 2020


“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” - Kathy Calvin, CEO and President of United Nations Foundation

Kathy, we couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on giving. No matter what we give, whether it is our time, goods, food, money or services, we make a lasting impact on others and ourselves. Across the Midwest, people are making a difference through their gifts.

These Kids Today

This summer, Wisconsin siblings Riley, Cora and Edward wanted to make a difference with their vegetable garden. They offered the produce to anyone in need and accepted free will donations from those who wished to contribute. They raised $121.65, which they donated to The Salvation Army of Polk County’s Backpack program to help kids in need. The Backpack program provides weekly backpacks to school children which are filled with nutritious food for weekend meals. Thank you, Riley, Cora and Edward!

The Power of Art

Recently, an anonymous donor presented the Chicago Midwest Salvation Army with a new opportunity to bring the healing power of art to the community through the gift of five photographic prints by renowned Chicago artist and photographer Clifton Henri. Henri’s photographs honestly document the African-American experience in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

This gift of hope was accompanied by a visit by both the donor and Mr. Henri to the Chicago Midwest worship and service center. They discussed the expansion of the center’s fine arts program for children, teens and those experiencing homelessness. The donor graciously included a monetary gift to support arts program development. The Chicago Midwest Salvation Army looks forward to working with Mr. Henri to find just the right location in their building to display their new photographs.

The Faye Preserves Life and Memory

Steve, a Detroit area Salvation Army donor, became interested in The Salvation Army’s camp programs and requested a tour of his local camp, Echo Grove Camp in Leonard, MI. At Echo Grove, campers participate in a wide variety of activities as they learn new skills, make new friends and deepen their relationships with God. The camp is located on Lakeville Lake, and watersports are a favorite activity.  During his tour, Steve asked the staff about their wish list. One item, a rescue boat, stood out to Steve.  He decided to donate a boat to the camp in memory of his late wife, Faye. The boat was dedicated and took her maiden voyage on August 20. The Faye is now ready for duty to help keep campers safe.

When asked about why he chose to donate to The Salvation Army, Steve answered: “I’ve discovered that the way to find yourself is to lose yourself. The world is not about you. You’re supposed to make room for other people, and you’ll learn more about yourself by prioritizing the needs of others. That’s why giving is satisfying in its own right. I like to ask myself, ‘How can you do good in the community?’ I’ve found my answer through The Salvation Army.”

Whether it was the gift of photographs, a boat or a monetary donation, these donors saw a need and understood that they had the power to make a difference. Will you join us to make a difference in your community? Register to volunteer or donate today.

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