Summer Camp Enriches Lives

May 7, 2024

People living in poverty face a lot of challenges, and many of those are heightened during the summer months. By attending a Salvation Army camp, youth, families, and senior citizens are given access to a variety of personal growth opportunities in a peaceful, natural setting. It’s a chance to take a break from the urban landscape and discover something new about themselves and one another.

Life is all about relationships. The Salvation Army offers people of all ages an opportunity to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones while coming to know Jesus Christ. Caring adults lead the formation of temporary communities through shared experiences. This paves the way for enhanced connections with friends, family and neighbors when the participants return home.

Salvation Army camps exist throughout the country. They provide clean, comfortable accommodation, healthy meals, and a safe place to recharge. Each location is unique and offers a daily schedule filled with age-appropriate physical, mental and spiritual activities. 

Research has shown so many benefits of summer camp! Children thrive when they have adult role models leading them through new experiences. This type of supervised, positive environment helps them feel loved, capable, and included. It prepares them for success when they return to their neighborhood and the classroom.

Families play a critical role in the health and well-being of communities, so we offer camp programs that enhance how they function. They participate in fun, engaging activities that help nurture their relationships. Living and working in a different setting reduces distractions and requires family members to better communicate and interact with one another at camp and beyond.

Many senior citizens have fond memories of attending summer camp and deserve the chance to relive their youth. Whether they need some quiet time away from home, or simply enjoy staying active and socializing with their peers, The Salvation Army welcomes them back every year. Participants say they return to their community refreshed and energized following their stay, and many build long-term, meaningful connections with nature and other campers.

In preparation for the Summer 2024 season, we are currently seeking donations to offset our costs, seasonal employees to staff the camps, and volunteers to work alongside us.

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