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The Salvation Army strengthens families Image

The Salvation Army strengthens families

Our resources bring support and safety. With our help, families are able to create stronger lives together.

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The Programs that equip families for a stronger future


  • Pathway of Hope - If a family is in need of support with bills, child care, employment, housing or any other barrier to self-sufficiency, then The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope program is there to not only help them but also to set them on the track to gaining control of their lives again. When a family is brought into the program, they are given a personal case worker to help them first assess the causes and symptoms of their current issues. From here, a personalized action plan is mapped out in order for the family members to learn how to achieve their goals. Along the way the family is not only connected to The Salvation Army's resources, but also to other outside resources that benefit their personal growth and support. Eventually, families evaluate their progress after 8-12 months and graduate from the program with the knowledge of how to support themselves, and create a better future together, but we are always here as support for them on their new pathway of hope. This program has given thousands of families the environment and tools needed to create their own success and change their lives, and in doing so guaranteeing their children and future generations do inherit the hardships they once faced.


  •  Financial Assistance - Payments toward rent and utilities (utilities must have a total balance of $300 or less) may be make when funding is available and eligibility requirements are met. We do assistance with deposits. Landlords will be contacted before funds are sent to verify their acceptance. Utility companies will be contacted and notified of assistance amounts.  Note: Help with utilities is limited to $300 per year.

          Required:  Social security cards for persons securing assistance  /  For rent must provide landlord’s name  /  For utilities, an account number

          Assistance needs are being done online with case management and via phone. The “All-Purpose Assistance Form” and “Rent & Utility Assistance                  Form” can be accessed on this website and

  • Youth Programs - Choosing whether to support a child's development or pay for food and rent can often be the reality for families in our community. That is why The Salvation Army Youth Center offers a wide range of youth activities and after school development opportunities. We want to make sure every child, no matter their background, has a safe and friendly environment to grow through summer camps, sports or recreational activities, creative art expression and much more.