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Mar 16, 2020

Week of May 11th - May 15th:

Fear vs. Joy Devotion 

Activities: Pipe Cleaner Flower & Decorate a Cross 

Week of May 4th - May 8th:

May the Faith Be With You Devotion

You have a chance to win a prize! Check out Breakout EDU Live to work your way through an online puzzle similar to the breakout boxes we do after school! 

This week's topics: Monday - May the Forth, Tuesday - Geography, Wednesday - Time, Thursday - Earth Science, Friday - Basketball

Week of April 27th - May 1st

Bad News Blues Week #2 Devotion

Breakout EDU Live Topics: Monday - Space Exploration, Tuesday - 2020 State Facts, Wednesday - Colors, Thursday - Multiplication, Friday - Periodic Table 

Activity #1: Decorated Community Rocks

Our devotion this week taught us that when things get tough and don’t go our way, we should put others first and help out the people around us. While everyone in our community is living through hard times right now, let’s do something together to brighten up our neighborhoods and put smiles on our neighbor’s faces!

Directions: Use paint or sharpie markers to decorate a rock that you find in your backyard or neighborhood any way that you like. Then, when you are out on a walk or bike ride, leave it alongside the sidewalk to spread some cheer. You might even see some of your friends’ rocks decorating the neighborhood too! If you would like, send us a picture of your rock and we will post it on our website!

Activity #2: Make-Your-Own Card

You might know a few friends, family members, or neighbors that need some cheering up right now, and there certainly are a lot of folks in nursing homes that could use something to lift their spirits. Another way that we can put others first is by creating homemade cards and letters for these people to let them know that we care about them and are thinking of them.

Directions: Use a piece of paper and markers, crayons, colored pencils, or whatever else you can find around your house to make two cards, one for someone that you know, and one for someone who is living in a nursing home. Think about writing a nice message inside the letter and including  a few drawings of things that might make someone happy (maybe a flower, a sunny day, your pets… creative!) Then, bring the cards for the nursing homes to us at the Salvation Army and we will deliver them to a nursing home near us.

Week of April 20th - April 24th 

Bad News Blues Week #1 Devotion

Breakout EDU Live Topics: Monday - Washington D.C, Tuesday - Punctuation, Wednesday - Earth Day, Thursday - Geometry, Friday - Mystery Box 


Even though we can't meet, let's celebrate Easter together! A special message from Cheri and Caroline!

Easter Activities Day #1

Easter Activities Day #2

Easter Activities Day #3

Links to fun app resources (for your ipads, tablets or phones)!

Bible App for Kids (from Life Church)

Bible Coloring Paint By Number (from iDailyBread):

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