A Mother's Hope is a Family's Transformation

Feb 14, 2020


As a single parent with three children living in a tough Chicago suburb, Tisha made the decision to relocate to Wichita for a safer environment and better life for her family. With a fixed income she turned to the local Salvation Army for resources she could count on for her family to begin their new life. They utilized the food pantry, received winter wear for the children and gifts for her children at Christmas.

Seven years later, with the oldest daughter attending her first year of college, a younger daughter still at home, her 17 year old son was graduating from high school in Spring. “I’m very excited,” Tisha explained. “He is such a good boy. I’m so proud of him. Moving to Wichita and watching him grow. He is totally different than you would expect for a kid from Chicago, a gentleman, no street gangs, no drugs and raised by just his Mom. He’s an athlete, plays football and wants to be a neuroscientist, maybe eventually work for NASA.” Thanks to Tisha’s hard work and determination, this proud mother has been able to keep her son off the streets and out of gangs by keeping him involved in after school activities. Now she will watch him graduate from high school.

Still challenged with a fixed income, she found the need to once again contact The Salvation Army for an unusual need.  Tisha remembered the help she received previously and decided to contact her previous case manager.  The case manager shared, “We see so many people on a monthly basis, it was wonderful she remembered me. It was the first time anyone requested assistance to cover the cost of a graduation cap and gown and the arrangements were made”.

A warm and proud smile shined on Tisha's face, “It was great news The Salvation Army could help with this cost. I feel really blessed”.

Tisha also shared her thoughts about our new *Client Choice Pantry...

  "The new client choice food pantry is awesome. You see so many homeless people in our community and it’s a good thing they are able to get the foods they want.   It’s a blessing. No parent wants to not be able to feed their kids because they have a shortage of food. (or in my case my daughter and grand kids came back to live in our house, so there was a need for extra food that we had to accommodate for, so it was awesome to come to the food pantry and get foods we needed for them. It was a blessing."

...and shared her heart felt thoughts about others that are in need or find themselves requiring guidance,

"It never hurts to just ask if there is help. A lot of times, if they are unable to help you, they can provide resources for you and refer you to someone else that can help you with your situation or circumstances. Just call and ask. That’s what they are here for."

*Client Choice Pantry - Click here to find out more about the pantry


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