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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty

Our children are the future.

We're here to help them do their best in life.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

How we help empower youth

Feeding His Sheep Backpack Program

The Salvation Army of Niles is continuing a new initiative called Feeding His Sheep. The goal of this backpack outreach program is to provide balanced, nutritional meals to school children in our area over the weekends. Many children benefit from school meal programs throughout the week days. However, in these difficult economic times, we recognize that some families may be challenged to meet this need over the weekend. Our aim is to help children receive good nutrition, develop healthy eating habits and, in the process, help them have better attendance and academic performance. We believe this outreach can be a valuable tool in our children's scholastic achievements.

Children are selected to participate in this program by the professionals at the school that he/she attends. To maximize the success of this program requires parental participation and consent. The program is simple and works in this way; each week the child will receive at school a red backpack filled with breakfast, lunch and dinner components for Saturday and Sunday. To continue to participate, children must return the red backpack to the school each Monday morning. This is not only appreciated but essential for their continuation in the program. Also, periodically included in the backpacks will be helpful information in the areas of health, nutrition and/or enrichment.

How Can I Help?

There are a number of ways you and/or your organization can become involved and offer support to this vital program. Please prayerfully consider the following:

Give a special monetary gift in celebration or remembrance of someone special.

Choose to sponsor one child for the full academic year 2020-2021 for only $250.00.

Commit to sponsoring a given number of backpacks @ $10.00 per unit.

Sponsor a week’s worth of delivered backpacks for only $ 1,8000. 00

Organize a fundraiser for this event: we will be available to speak at your event.

Support this endeavor in prayer.

We welcome your comments and support for this innovative and dynamic program for our children in our community.

Feeding His Sheep Backpack Program

Serving Him through serving others.


Backpack School Supplies

The Salvation Army distributes Backpacks and School Supplies.  The joy in the children's faces speaks of the success of this program.  Only through the generous contributions of others are we able to facilitate this outreach.  Thanks to our donors and volunteers, many of our children are able to start their new school year better equipped.